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  1. Which cryptocurrencies can I buy in Coins for FIAT?

    We use MoonPay as a provider for buying crypto. Below You can check a list of supported Coins:

  2. Which cryptocurrencies can I exchange?
  3. Which coins and tokens I can store in the Coins app?

    Here You can check available coins and tokens:

  4. Is it Coins wallet safe and secure?

    We are very focused on the security of our wallet. In Coins app every transaction like send/exchange requires user authentication (biometric or phone code). Also access to mnemonic phrases is secure by authentication. You can restore your wallet onl if You know your mnemonic phrases. We don't store any data about your mnemonics (this is a user private key).

  5. Who will own my private keys?

    You. The main feature of cryptocurrencies is to actually own them instead of trusting third parties like banks or exchanges. You always have access to your mnemonic phrases which encoded private key. As Coins we do not store any data about your private key.

  6. What does it mean non-custodial wallet?

    A non-custodial wallet is a decentralized type of wallet, where the customer owns its private keys. The user gets a file with private keys and needs to write down a mnemonic phrase with which they will be able to restore their funds. Having private keys means that you have full control over the funds.

  7. In which countries can I buy for FIAT?

    List of NOT supported countries, You can check using this link.

  8. What is the fee to buy crypto for FIAT transactions?

    Fee is 6,5% Minimum Fee 5,99 EUR

  9. What are the daily and monthly FIAT limits?

    You can check FIAT limits here.

  10. I have a problem with the BUY transaction by Moonpay

    Contact moonpay support [email protected] with reference code.

  11. I have a problem with the BUY transaction by Bitcan (PLN)

    Contact Bitcan support with reference code.

  12. What is the fee for exchange transaction?

    It depends and is calculated for every transaction. You can check it in transaction confirmation page, but generally it is between 0% to 0,49%.

  13. I can’t exchange ETH Token to other coin

    ETH tokens transactions requires ETH fee to cover them. Check on your ETH coin card, if you have enough balance to cover fee for ETH token transaction.

  14. How can I restore my wallet on another device?

    You need to copy your mnemonic phrases (12 words). You find them in the wallet backup section. Use these phrases in any non-custodial wallet, which supports your assets stored on COINS.

  15. Why do I not see my funds or have different addresses after restoring mnemonics from Coins on another non custodial wallet?

    This situation may occur if the wallet does not support the latest technology (eg Segwit). In this case, you need to find a wallet with the same technology as Coins.

  16. I have reset the phone settings and my wallet doesn’t work.

    Resetting the phone settings causes the loss of the private key. For your safety we do not store such data in the application. To regain access to the wallet, you must restore it from the saved mnemonics phrases.

  17. I can’t send BTC to my Coins BTC address? BTC address is invalid, why?

    There are three BTC address types:

    1. Legacy (P2PKH): addresses start with a 1
    2. Nested SegWit (P2SH): addresses start with a 3
    3. Native SegWit (bech32): addresses start with bc1 (we use this type in Coins)

    Legacy address is the original BTC address. SegWit is the newer address format with lower fees. We use SegWit address because it guarantees faster transactions and lower fees but, not every wallet or exchange has upgraded to support the new SegWit address format and therefore, some wallets/exchanges can only send to Legacy addresses. In Coins we only support Segwit addresses. We are working on implementing legacy addresses. When it is possible we will inform You.

  18. What happens if my phone gets stolen or lost?

    You can always restore your wallet on another phone. You need to:

    1. Download the COINS app.
    2. Choose the option "Restore wallet" under My Coins tab
    3. Write your secret key: 12 or 24 words (mnemonic phrases).

    Restoring your wallet is only possible if you have your mnemonic phrases. Without those mnemonic phrases, there is no other option to get access to your funds.

  19. What happens if the Coins app disappears, can I access my funds from another wallet?

    Yes, of course. We use the popular cryptocurrency standard HD Wallet (Hierarchically Derived) BIP39. So You can get access to your funds in other wallets that support the BIP39 standard. To get your funds in another wallet, you need to write your mnemonic phrases from the COINS app (12 words).


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